We have all been in a situation when simply want to avoid the traffic jam in the only way possible at that given moment – flying! However, that is not possible, and we are stuck in the middle of the line hoping to move an inch or two. Or when you have to get to some place as fast as possible and wish you could fly over and reach your destination in no time! But don`t be desperate, it seems like there is a possible solution for that! It is a mixture of driving and flying in one cutting-edge vehicle/aircraft! It is called THE TERRAFUGIA TRANSITION AIRCRAFT! The name really suits it and now you are going to see why!

First of all, you can take this unit to the gas station and feed it with some gas like every other vehicle! And minutes later you are up in the air, watching all those ordinary vehicles from above! Isn`t that amazing? With THE TERRAFUGIA TRANSITION AIRCRAFT flying hasn`t been so advantageous! The motor gives power both to the propeller while in air and to the wheels on the soil. Carrying 23 gallons of unleaded fuel, it can cover 410 miles and can reach a top speed of 100 mph!

To get more information about the first flying car, follow this link and visit the official page of Terrafugia!