After This You Will STOP Donating Money To GAS COMPANIES!

Gas companies have always been in the media spotlight thanks to the several conspiracy theories about their way of ruling the world. The gas prices and the money we give for it every day play a significant role in our society, but the question remains: Do we get what we deserve? Have you ever felt that you are not receiving the right amount of fuel that you pay for? I guess the answer on that is a loud YES, and that is why we decided to do a thorough research on many forum discussions, look at some experts` opinions and talk with several gas technicians. The results are these 5 carefully picked tips that will definitely shock you, but at the same time help you to properly refuel your car or truck without feeling cheated.

STOP Donating Money To The GAS COMPANIES With These MIND-BLOWING TIPS The Media Never Told You!

1. The tip number one is related to the return mechanism that the majority of us didn`t know it exists in the petrol-kiosk pump. And here how it works – whenever there is an excess of oil, the return pipe mechanism returns back that amount to the underground tank, although you have paid for it! Lesson – do not fuel your car`s tank to the brim.

2. From now on, you should start refueling your vehicle in the mornings. Why? Temperature has one of the greatest impacts on the fuel and higher temperatures mean less fuel for you. With each degree higher temperature the petrol expands more and more, which means you will pay for a liter, but you will not receive one from the GAS COMPANIES!

3. Do not select the fast mode when you are refueling on your own! The idea is to lower the amount of vapours and stop converting some of the fuel into this irrelevant substance that can occur thanks to the vapour-return system these smart pumps have.

4. Refuel your tank only when it is half full, so you can minimize the amount of fuel that evaporates! Reason? The empty space in your tank is filled with some air which causes evaporation. So, more fuel means less air and less evaporation, although some tanks have floating roofs to prevent this problem.

5. Whenever there is a petrol truck at the gas station that is pumping gas into the underground reservoirs, move on and stop at another one! By refueling your car during that time, you might get some dirt with your petrol in your tank that will cause you additional problems.

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