Learn More About The THORIUM Concept CAR!

How cool would it be if you could just put 8 grams of fuel in your tank and drive it forever without the need to refuel it?! Pretty awesome, huh? If you think it is impossible than you have never been more wrong in your life! Ever heard of Thorium concept car? Probably not and you shouldn`t feel ashamed because neither did we! However, we are here now to learn something more about this car, named by a radioactive metal that can apparently save us big money!

A company called Laser Power System is working on a car that can go on Thorium and as a result it can run for 100 years with only 8 grams of Thorium in it! In the past, this chemical element was used for nuclear power plants! However, it was declined because of alleged concerns about its radioactivity! It was later on swapped for Uranium even though it`s more powerful and its waste cannot be used for nuclear bombs and lethal weapons! It`s pretty sad to know that many projects were stopped with the start of Uranium usage simply because it made more money for the Government! Well, let`s just wait for the scientist and their Thorium concept car!

Anyway,, if that wasn’t enough, follow this link!