Mercedes Benz F 015 is A Self Driving Prototype!

Ever thought about the future? Not your future – car future. We are sure you did, you probably thought about and you imagined flying cars with rockets beneath them. Well, that is hardly going to happen while we are alive. But things will change – and Mercedes Benz is here to show us. Mercedes Benz F 015 – Luxury in motion is what the project is called.

This future car we are talking about is not going to fly or teleport itself – but it will simply be driven by itself! All you need to do is to `call it` using a mobile app, get into the vehicle and be driven where you want to be! It is like having a personal driver except you do not pay him and you are all alone in your car and free to do whatever you want. You do not need to worry about pedestrians – this future smart car stops in front of everyone so you can be sure that nobody will get hurt! Invite your friends, have a conversation with them with a glass of wine – Mercedes will take care of the rest! It`s called luxury in motion – isn`t it?

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