Mercedes Drift Action? Here It Is – DTE System 700HP Mercedes!

We all know very well that the name of Mercedes and the word drifting, Mercedes Drift, cannot be easily found together, not even in a sentence or a phrase, let alone to actually see it, either on a video clip or in real life. Let`s face it, Mercedes is not the first car that comes to your mind when you think about drifting, right? That is why I found it very interesting and thrilling when I come up on a video with some model of Mercedes, giving its admirers a little bit of hard core action, and create a real clouds of smoke, drifting and doing donuts on the asphalt.

That is exactly what we have prepared for you today – one hell of good, promotional video about the this 700HP Mercedes, product of The Diesel Tuning Systems specialist, who were working on it for more than 5000 working hours to create this true monster of a car, with an engine that is producing 900 pounds feet of torque.

And what would be the best way to test such a monster than to put a real Mercedes drift master behind the wheel and give him the freedom to do what he does best. So prepare your self for a high quality video with a lot a rubber burnouts, tires screaming and hell of a lot of fun.

Finally, this Mercedes here knows its way through the race track!

Enjoy the video below!

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