UNBELIEVABLE! How To Get Free GAS?! Watch The 40 Year-Old TRICK With Mechanical CODES!

We would not be wrong if we said that at least once in your lifetime you were in a situation where you wished gas was for free. If not for free, you probably wished it was a little cheaper than it is! Well, today is your lucky day! But first, it is time for a brief history lesson: In 1970, President Nixon signed the “Organized Crime Control Act”. At the time, it was designed in order to confront the notorious members of the “underworld” who seemed untouchable at the time. President Nixon also enacted provisions to help all the secret agents to monitor members of the crew. Those secret agents have implemented mechanical codes in some gas stations in order to get free gas which was government funded. It must have been great working a secret agent during this time. Going around the states without having to pay for gas seems like an awesome thing!

Those days are long gone however. Luckily for us, some of the agents who were told this secret are still alive and well. To our pleasure, one of the secret agents reveals the secret! He showed us the code and thought us how to get free gas from gas stations. It is a pretty cool trick and all you need to learn are some basic moves with the nozzle and voila – free gas!  Go to the video and start saving money today! Maybe this trick still works. We were debating about who would go where if you could get free gasoline. We would love to hear about your wishes too! Don`t remember to check out this video and possibly try this neat trick yourself! And if you have some similar experience, don’t hesitate to share it with us!

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