Where’s My PETROL CAP?! You Will Not Be Able To Stop LAUGHING!

Let`s take a little break of all the tutorials and engines and have a little laugh. Well, it shouldn`t really be a little laugh since the material in this video is HILARIOUS! Here`s an everyday situation: You go to the gas station, you get out of your car and then realize the petrol cap is on the other side of the vehicle so you have to turn the car around. We have all experienced that and it`s not that funny. But it most certainly is when you see a lady trying to put petrol in her vehicle for 15 minutes!

The security cameras caught this and we are going to use it for a good laughter. After the lady realized she parked the car wrong, she got out of the ride and tried to park it properly this time so the petrol cap will be closer to the gas hose. Unfortunately, she didn`t succeed after many attempts! Of course, this did not last forever. She finally got it at the end. Thus, her 5th attempt turned out to be a success! She now has gas in her tank and that`s all that matters!

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