Dancing Policeman Sings Taylor Swift’s Hit SHAKE IT OFF!

Although their work is serious and they are here to protect the public and increase the overall safety, policemen are humans after all, and sometimes they are also getting bored during their working hours. Well, that is the case with this dancing policeman who managed to make the world laugh with his spectacular singing and dance moves on the mega popular hit of Taylor Swift called Shake It Off.

The radio station obviously played the most favorite song of the police officer, who knows the lyrics of it from A to Z. Without missing a word, he drives around in his police car and tastes joys to the maximum. The thing that laughed us the most was his acting like a normal and a serious policeman while letting people go, and then getting straight back to his dancing once they were out of line of sight.

We hope that his colleagues have asked him for permission before posting this video online, but whatever the story is, we must admit that this police officer has made a fantastic show that put a smile on the face of everyone. Click on the video bellow to see the exclusive footage of the dancing policeman.

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