Unloading John Deere S660 BACKWARDS Still Doing AWESOME JOB!

So far, GoPro cameras have offered us very powerful footages that successfully satisfy our curiosity to see how things work. So, if you ever questioned yourself how one farmer can process one huge corn field on his own, then watch the video below and get the answers. Although the work is done smoothly with nearly no effort, the one thing that is fascinating about this regular job day video is that the John Deere S660 that is being loaded with corn is driven, believe it or not, backwards.

According to the experts, a stunt like this is not acceptable, but you know, sometimes the monotony and the routine tasks that one work carries have to be broken.

However, we approve these fun experiments on the field, if only good operators are behind the wheel of the vehicle and in this video, there is no doubt that the operators are true professionals with amazing skills. But what if you are their boss? Would you allow an action like this?

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