REVERSE TUG OF WAR! Operators Push 2 Dozers Against Each Other For Fun! I Feel Pity For Their Boss!

All of us have had bad days at work when we have been bored to death and all we wanted was to go home as soon as possible. However, the child inside each of us usually wakes up during such situations and then we just want to play with anything we want, including vehicles. In boring times, the creativity of some people can soar to incredible heights!

Such is the case with these two guys, who decided to play a game of reverse tug of war! To make things even better, they are using 2 bulldozers for their friendly game! It is incredible to see the different ways people cope with their boredom. That is, we guess the motive for these two crazy operators who do a great clash with the bulldozers they are controlling. Going in front of each other, these heavy machines are being pushed for a good amount of time and luckily their boss did not notice that.

Maybe he did, but in this video we can see only the two crazy employees who are just fed up of everyday routines dictated by their job. The marvelous battle ends up as a win for the CAT dozer, which is with no doubt heavier, bigger and more powerful than its opponent. It is funny that after this little game, the operators continue normally with their work like nothing has happened. However, this video proves the opposite of it and we are glad that someone there recorded it.

We don`t know – maybe behind the camera is the boss we were talking about. Nonetheless, we are just happy that we stumbled upon this video and that we are sharing it with you! It looks like a lot of fun to try the reverse tug of war, and if any of you decide to do it, make sure to let us know! Have fun!

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