Something Different – RC 6×6 Heavy Hauler on Off Road Adventure!

There is always some kind of a special feeling when we are watching a great installation, or `only` well done and prepared off-road track for the great looking replicas of the real thing, better known as RC vehicles. This time we have a really cool video with one big and powerful RC truck on an off-road adventure, exploring the natural beauties of its surrounding area. It is a RC 6×6 Heavy Hauler!

It is actually a project of one guy (that will call Anonimus), who had managed to built this hybrid RC truck, assembled from a different components from variety of small vehicles. According to the info, the chassis and kit are coming from a discontinued RC 4WD truck, Tonka Dump truck is the name of the vehicle from which the cabin was borrowed, and the back flat deck is being chopped from a Tamiya Trailer.

This cute Tonka truck is powered by a 35t engine, but as the Anonimus is telling us, soon he will switch it with a 55t, which will cause it to become a little bit slower, but on the other hand it will give it significantly more torque power. Until that happens and the new video gets out on Youtube, enjoy the first version of this RC 6×6 Heavy Hauler and its off road adventures.

Anyway, you might find something interesting here!

Enjoy the video below!

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