Mini Kenworth RC Truck! I know We All Want One Now! (2 VIDEOS)

Videos of RC vehicles are regularly shared on this website. We admit that we are huge fans of anything RC. In honor of our tradition of sorts, today we are treating you with not one but TWO videos of a remarkable RC truck! Check out this amazing Mini Kenworth RC Truck! Even though it is a mini version of an actual Kenworth truck, it is still really big! As a matter of fact, it looks to us like you can easily put a kid inside! The owner of this Kenworth RC truck shows everything about this truck and you will notice that the attention to detail is quite good. However, the one thing he didn`t show was the engine, and that was the part we were most curious about! We`re in love with this this truck and we really want it. We`re not sure but it sounds like it has Cummins engine under the hood.

It would be nice if someone could share some spec about the engine, transmission and performance of this beautiful RC Truck! And of course, where can we buy one?


Enjoy the video below!

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