Pure Ecstasy – Mercedes Benz Lineup at 2014 Paris Motor Show!

Can you actually imagine one car expo without the presence of The symbol of quality and luxury, Mercedes Benz? I do not think so! 2014 Paris Motor Show was no different either. Therefore, the most famous German car manufacturer brought their latest Mercedes Benz lineup and spent a lot of time explaining the polarization of the new range of small A, B, CLA and GLA class vehicles. However, all those who attended their `show` could mostly see their hottest and most powerful models.

Mercedes at Paris

I have got to tell you that the Mercedes Benz lineup was really impressive. Formula 1 bolid, the latest at the hybrid technology (this was the debut of the S 500 plug-in hybrid model), latest Mercedes AMG GT Coupe and many other models and versions of the well known Mercedes models were here. In this short overview of their presentation in Paris, we will only emphasize the first introduction of the new Mercedes AMG C63 model, the very top of the C class lineup. It is described as a sports car that is friendly both as a `family vehicle` and as a race car.

Thus, we have prepared you a video compilation with some of their best models that were shown here at Paris Motor Show, so I suggest you relax and enjoy the following three and a half minutes.

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Enjoy the video below!

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