Epic Funny SKATEBOARD Parody That Will Make Your Day!

So far, we have witnessed very unique ideas of custom made cars, trucks, bikes and even trucks, but what are you about to see now is something extraordinary. Maybe it will set a new trend, maybe it will open a new market, but one thing is sure  -- this is definitely the first modified wheel barrow that will make you laugh at the regular videos where owners of vehicles brag themselves with the expensive parts they have installed. So, the hand propelled vehicle is not anymore just a workers` tool as in this skateboard parody video it is being modified with interesting parts.

This skateboard parody video shows an extreme wheel bar that has the following specs:  caterpillar of 24 carat gold, 80 liters of fill capacity, 500 liters maximum load, 6 safety bolts, extra long titanium handlebars featuring a custom made super grip grips in fascinating red color. Next is the spectacular wheel, an extravagant Dunlop 305 all-weather stunt tire equipped with a beautiful Asanti ASF 103 8 spoke gold rim.

Enough to excite craftsmen? Well, we think yes, as with this wheel barrow you can also do some stunts at the local skate park. So, what is your opinion?! Funny, stupid or both?!

Finally, learn more about skateboarding here!

Enjoy the video below!

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