You Think Back To Back Two Seater Bike is IMPOSSIBLE?

Although they are rare, tandem bicycles have been popular in several countries, especially The Netherlands, where people love pedaling together with their friends and family members. Looking back in the history, this type of two seater bike was created for the first time in the late 1890s. In comparison with the standard bicycle, this two seater bike can double its pedaling power without doubling the speed of movement and that can result with a little more friction loss. So, far Dutch students have set the record for the world’s longest tandem bicycle with its length believe it or not 92 foot.

But, let’s cut the facts and the history of this interesting vehicle, because today the stars are two friends who are riding their twin bicycle back to back. Recorded in the south of Gothenburg, this video shows the silliest idea ever in action, that may end up not so well for the guy who was riding backwards. We still wonder, did he feel dizzy after pedaling in reverse position, so if you have tried something similar feel free to share your experience.

At last, if you want to see the world’s largest tandem bicycle, click here.