Owner And His 1971 Mustang Boss 351 Have a Long History Together!

Not many of us had the fortune to bump into an actual high-performance automobile for a first time behind the wheel, but Marty Medley had that luck back at 1979. The 1971 Mustang Boss 351 unlikely demonstration devoted to Marty  who was, stored away in a Gods forsaken storage, for it was not the half the car you see today. As Marty says the car was stolen from its first owner, a pilot from AirForce, at the beginning of the `70s.


The wheels, the engine and the seats were torn up before the vehicle was restored, so it was stored for a few years inside a local warehouse. The new owner installed a Windsor 351 in order to keep it going, so he can sale at the yard. At that time, Marty wasn’t even aware the 1971 Mustang Boss 351 meant then, but a test drive showed the torque amplification of the current 3. 91 gears, so he sell Marty.


Marty quickly after that meet up Stan Johnson from Ford Power-train applications in Puyallup, who repaired the heads. He amassed a portly 385-inch power plant that combined a ground counterfeit haft, H-beam six-inch rods and counterfeit slugs JE. A platen from Comp Cam hoists the Manley stops up, until the induction tasks were taken care from a period Ford-Roush single-plane intake with a changed 750 Holley. Ford Powertrain Applications possess headers 1¾-inch pointing at a precisely gathered exhaust system a creation form Mike Burton at Mike`s Automotive. It consists of a Flowmaster mufflers 50 series, mid-pipe X style, and wide 2¾-inch aluminum pipes wrapped among the `71′s middle.

We owe the contribution of impish looks and functioning of the certain affair to Ford Motorsport `80s stabilizer kit /stabilizer kit. Known as part number M /6582/A351 the kit was simultaneous with cylinder heads A3, and providing stability to the valve train using cast aluminum cover.

We reckon that the color of the Boss may be a little of its first bright blue metallic, which was confirmed by Marty with an amusing story. The 1971 Mustang Boss 351 was painted in Joe Brown`s garage painted and Marty spent about $500 for it. The first row paint faded straight away from the top of the fenders and since and re-primed once, they knew there wasn’t enough Bright Blue for finishing the started.

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