OMG! See The Largest World Record RC Paper Plane In Action! It Flies & Lands Like A BOSS!

To build a standard paper airplane, you need only one piece of A4 paper and maybe 2-3 minutes to make it. But to build the world`s largest paper airplane, you need much more material and time. The video we are sharing with you today shows an RC paper plane like no other! It looks just like a regular paper airplane, albeit much bigger! It is also buzzing quite loudly, but it is remote controlled so this shouldn`t surprise you! However, we advise you to tune down your volume before watching the video. With that being said, we can now get back to the point. Meet the world largest and biggest RC paper plane ever, that makes a huge cruise in the air (approximately over 500 feet above), flying like a real airplane. Surprisingly, this paper airplane makes it landing smoothly in its owner`s hands and we all know that that was a real problem with our childish creations.

About the dimensions, this model can brag itself with 140 inches, which means it is 12 times bigger than an original. It is made of lots of sheets of typing paper and of course it has a motor, as it is supposed to in order to fly like today`s drones. We express all our positive compliments to the RC hobbyist who dared himself to make this one of a kind paper airplane. Your job now is to watch the video and be amazed as we are. Finally, do not forget to imagine this RC paper plane flying in a classroom. That would look really nice! Even though our childhood days are over, this doesn`t mean we can`t fantasize about doing childish things! This RC paper plane is really good, and deserves every bit of attention it can get. Enjoy the show people!

Finally, if you have an annoying neighbor, then, you might find this video really amusing.

Enjoy the video below!

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