Playing With The GRAVITY! This RC Pilot Got Some Serious Skills!

Wow! This guy has some serious skills maneuvering, his great looking RC Airplane, simply called The Beast! Usually we are watching videos of other RC machines, mostly cars and trucks, and maybe that is the reason why the video that you are about to see is so damn impressive! In the past, people needed to build this kind of `toys` from scratch. But nowadays things are a bit easy when it comes to owning one of these awesome RC airplanes as you can buy one ARF (almost ready to fly) pretty easy. In the recent years the market for RC machines has significantly enlarged, so if you ever want to get yourself something that is remotely controlled, you can do it in a matter of minutes. We don`t know about you, but getting a Beast RC airplane like the one in the video is something we would gladly do!
But the skills are something you always need to work on. And that is the main point of this video.

This guy probably spent many, many hours practicing `his flying skills` for sure. And we can all see now that it is worth it. Just watch all the amazing things he can do with his RC airplane. Perfect! We simply cannot believe how amazing this guy is! From flying it upside down to flying his Beast RC aircraft vertically, he can do it all! That`s not all though. Even his landing is incredibly precise. Controlling this Beast RC plane is definitely not easy, but the operator in this video does it with such ease!  To put it simply, the 6.1ci red RC plane has excellent performance. Put it in the hands of a skilled operator like the one shown in this video, and you get remarkable results! Watch the video and marvel at the stunts of the Beast RC airplane!

And if you want to purchase an RC aircraft for yourself, follow this link!