Airbus A-380 RC PLANE 1:15! This Guy Has One Of The Most Expensive HOBBIES!

This Airbus A-380 RC plane has very powerful engines which you can notice in the moments when the plane is getting ready for take-off and the grass is moving due to the pressure it applies.

Airbus A-380 RC PLANE 1 15 Expensive HOBBIES 2

This is like a dream come true for every person that wanted an RC airplane as a kid. And when it comes to the airplanes we had as kids, they weren`t as sophisticated as this one. To be more precise, hey were short-ranged, simply built, with a front propeller. Apart from those models, this one here is a small scale replica of the enormous Airbus A-380! It looks exactly the same but smaller!

However, these engines need to be fed. Therefore, this RC aircraft is equipped with 10 liter tank, which could be emptied in less than 10 minutes because the fuel consumption of these small powerful jet engines is 1.2 liters per minute! Also, it is very fast, and it needs to accelerate just a couple of feet in order to go up in the air.

When this Airbus A-380 RC plane is in the air, it gives you the impression like it is a real plane. Mostly due to its size (this thing is 15.7 ft. long, 17.38 ft. wide, and weighs 156 pounds) but also to the gracious way of staying up in there.

In this very moment, we would like to say bravo to the man who created this aircraft, Peter Michel as well as the RC operator Michael Bräuer for the outstanding piloting! We could only say this guy has some Brilliant engineering, flying and landing skills are the essential part of this video!

In addition, this video is 8 minutes long, so you can enjoy it long enough. And if that doesn`t satisfy you, you can always press the play button for a second and even third time!

At last, click here if you want to see the real Airbus A-380 from the inside!