NEWEST BIGGEST RC Airplane In The World – BOEING 747-400!

After quite some time now, we finally have something amazing to see from the world of RC Airplanes! We have had many RC planes so far and we must admit that this one is the best! The name that you will hear about more and more in the future is RC BOEING 747-400 VIRGIN, so get used to it in time! The model is from Adi Pitz and the pilot of this magnificent project is Rainer Kamitz! Just watching this plane is a cure for the eyes and you have the chance to try it now! It is the BIGGEST RC Airplane in the World for God’s sake!

If you wonder about the numbers linked with this beauty, here, we`ll throw some at you! The wingspan on this one is incredible – 16 feet! Yeah that`s right, and that`s not all, the length of this Remote Control airplane is 17.8 feet which makes it the longest one so far! The weight, on the other hand, is impressive with the 150 lbs which puts it in one of the heaviest RC planes of all time! The turbine used on this one is what interests us all and it is the 4x IQ HAMMER 140! Check out the BIGGEST RC Airplane!

At last, if you’re a big fan of giant RC airplanes, follow this link and learn more about them now!