COOLEST RC THING EVER?! Model Aircraft Carrier Launches RC Airplane Models! Must SEE!

No matter how old we are, we will always love to make RC models of cars, bikes, trucks or even airplanes and this crew, that stands behind this video, is very serious about it. So far these guys have created lots of cool RC airplanes, RC boat and believe it or not an RC aircraft carrier, which is the main role in every launch of new RC creations. In 2010, they resolved to fly an RC Airplane from the 13 foot long RC aircraft carrier and they succeeded, so this time their goal was much bigger: to launch another model airplane that will land on the beach in North Carolina. More specifically, Kitty Hawk is the town where all these RC actions happen and of course it is not picked randomly, as it has a rich history regarding airplane flights. To put it simply, this is the coolest RC thing we have ever laid eyes upon! We have seen quite a lot of stuff involving RC vehicles, but this tops our list!

We must say that the creators of this video did a marvelous job and we applaud them for their creativity.  We hope that this awesome RapidNadion crew will continue to surprise us with more videos in near future. As they have announced, at the end of this year, we will have the opportunity to see an RC airplane that will land on that carrier. We only hope that they film the whole process, because we are certain that will replace the launching of the RC planes from the carrier as the coolest RC thing ever! We are certain that they will succeed in their plans, just like they did with this experiment. We are counting the days for that release, but until then let`s enjoy this video again!

At last, follow this link to see what is considered as the biggest RC airplane in the world!

Enjoy the video below!

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