BEST EVER RC Motorcycle Show! These Guys Are GENIUS!

Another great video for all those RC vehicles fans, especially for the R/C bikes fans, as we have these completely functional 1/4 scale MX 400 off-road motorcycles, doing an incredible and one of the most authentic RC motorcycle action I have ever seen! Not just that they are powerful and fast as hell, but these little fellows are highly durable, and able to run on every type of off-road track you can imagine – grass, dirt, any hard-surfaced terrain there is out there, just like the real thing!

And it is not by accident, these little toys are powered by High Power ESC and 550 Type motor, along with long list of different upgrades and modifications, which are available for the `ordinary` potential customers. So it would be safe to say that I do not think that there will be a replacement for these little fellows for quite some time.

The MX 400 off-road bike can do sliding and drifting, it can turn around for 360 degrees and run at amazing speed. Just watch the video that we have prepared bellow, and see how these guys are having a great time with their RC bikes.

Anyway, look at this RC motorcycle show in Switzerland!

Enjoy the video below!

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