19 feet RC B17 Bomber “Flying Fortress”! Best RC Plane Model!

There is only one thing that I do not really understand about this great RC airplane – since they have made it that big, why not do the real thing? I mean, at first I did not believe that such a big pile of metal, wood, plastic and everything else was going to be able to lift off, let alone flying away, but somehow, miraculously, it did. And I have to admit that after it gets airborne, it really looks impressive. It is probably the biggest toy out there that can be seen from miles away. Unfortunately we do not have much of information about it, except the obvious things like that it is powered by four engines, it is made in the style of the RC B17 Bomber “Flying Fortress” Plane -- bombers and that it is absolutely awesome.

Watch the video and see just how good this large machine looks like up in the air, and what an impressive touch down has made. It is all in there – enjoy it!

Enjoy the video below!

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