How About for a Little Picnic with This 4 wheeler Doing Donuts?

All of us who are following most of the new things from the world of vehicles that every now and then emerge on the surface from their `hiding place`, are always keen and enthusiastic to get acquainted with some highly customized cars, or trucks, or motorcycles. Thus, for today`s post we have found and prepared an interesting video, with one guy in good spirit, stretching the legs of customized outlander (or at least, it appears to be one) out in the park, with a 4 wheeler doing donuts in the grass.

Despite the fact that the author and owner of the video, did not bother himself to give us a little (at least the basic) info about the vehicle, I`m still going to tell you that what we have here is not something necessary impressive (as a matter of fact, I`m pretty sure that many of you will actually dislike it), but still interesting piece of machinery, which can not be seen on every street corner, so I think that it deserves a moment of presentation.

Personally, I found it to look interesting, even though watching how the guy is struggling to do some donuts (if it can be called that way) and the sound of the engine, it does not live an impression that it is some powerful machine that will manage to do well on an off-road journey. But that remains to be seen. Until then, check out the 4 wheeler doing donuts and tell me what you think about it.

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Enjoy the video below!

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