Desert Baseball and Drifting? These Guys Really Know How to Have Fun!

Is this the next big thing? Can you feel the smell of something completely new that is cooking up behind the scenes? Whatever the case might be, this guys are really awesome. They have invented a new hybrid of sport by crossing two completely different `breeds`: desert baseball and car drifting!

On the sands of the Mojave Desert in California, at 115 degrees, five crazy and inventive dudes, two dangerously looking cars, baseball bats and the set is ready for the ultimate fun. To make the whole thing complete, they have “The Pickle”, “Plate Smasher”, “The Céspedes”, “Painting the Corners”, the great and amazing “Pending the Needle” and of course “The Race” of the Scion Fr-Ss. All that it takes to make it perfect!

This desert baseball sure is one of those things that make life more interesting and fun.

After all of the serious stuff we do everyday, we sure need something like this, just for the sake of chilling out and letting it go. And if you ever come to an idea like this, feel free to send us your video, so that we can all have fun watching it. These guys are awesome!

Enjoy the video below!

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