GTA 5 Stunt! Mid-Air Semi Truck Jumps, Releases The Trailer & Reattaches It Again!

Playing video games became an inevitable part of most people`s life. There are many theories whether gaming is good or not. Some would say it is just a waste of time, others on the other hand claim that it improves brain activity. Which is highly logical since we know that playing strategies can help you in life as adult when you create decisions that influence your life! However, we should not take these statements for granted and no matter how much we love gaming, we just don`t have to spend an eternity staring in the monitor or TV. There is also a world outside the console. Anyhow, gaming has been and always will be an important part of most people`s life. Especially Grand Theft Auto! So check out this GTA 5 Stunt!

Alright gamers! The time to show your experience as well as skills has come! Let`s see if those sleepless nights are going to pay off or will go in vain. What we have here today, is a pretty stunning video we admit. It is not an easy task to perform a stunt like you are about to see, even if it is done in a video game. . Many of us have spent nights and nights with this video game but have never done this GTA 5 stunt! It is fascinating what you can do with a semi-truck. There are no cheats involved here either! Watch how the truck is accelerating towards a small uphill, jumps, releases the trailer, flips, (all that in mid-air) and reattaches the trailer when it hits the ground! Tell us if you can do this! Don`t worry, even the guy who made the video had countless unsuccessful attempts.

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