GTA 5 Tribute Video For PAUL WALKER!!! He Is Just One Lap Ahead!

Even though it has been a while, we still can`t believe it`s true. All of us still can`t get over the sudden demise of one of our favorite actors of all time – Paul Walker. So people are trying in various ways to pay tribute to Mr. Walker. Today, we have a video made especially for him. A guy created a GTA 5 tribute video and he surely did a superb job. The effort is more than obvious. This video becomes even more emotional when you hear the soundtrack from Fast 7, “See You Again”.

It starts with a guy, who is actually Dom that goes at the beach to clear his mind. Of course Twith his muscle car. That`s where he meets Brian, but unfortunately for the last time. Then a little digression follows. In this GTA 5  tribute video, we can see scenes with lots of powerful vehicles in one place. Pity, they are not real. But the music in the background, make everything look more realistic. After that, the initial scene comes back and here we are witnesses of the last ride. Brian and Dom on the road together for the last time. They are starting a race, but at the end the final Furious 7 scene is being repeated in a GTA version. Quite emotional, but definitely a great work! Well done!

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