GTA 5 Online Best Game: The Newest Funny Moments – Invisible Arms!

Hey here is the GTA 5 Online Best Game! We have another video related to the fifth sequel, and it is funny again! Watch how the guys that created this video are having fun with the glitches and do many unusual things testing the boundaries of the game! It is pretty interesting, we admit. Once you finish the missions, and improve your skills in the game, this is the next thing you should do. See how you can play golf and ride a motorbike with no ARMS, then jump off a cliff (seen from different angles). That was probably the best stunt they did! It is hilarious!

Watch now GTA 5 Online best: The Newest Funny Moments -- Invisible Arms, Epic Fight, Car Glitch, Golfing, Sky Diving!

The good and bad of GTA Online, four years later, must see! Insane tricks on this link!

Enjoy the video below!

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