Take Your Wrench! It’s Time For CAR MECHANIC SIMULATOR 2015!

Have you ever heard of the game Car Mechanic Simulator?! If the answer is yes, then you must admit that this is the video game that every Gearhead LOVES and is addicted to! And if you said no, then here what the buzz is all about. Car Mechanic Simulator 2015 is the only video game where you can finally put yourself in the role of a mechanic and your job is exactly that – to accept orders and repair, tune or upgrade cars in one of your 3 garages. Amazing, right?

Wait for the best part. By achieving the tasks, you earn money like real mechanics do, and then you have the opportunity to replace your old tools with new ones, and buy other car parts in order for the next more complicated orders to be completed. Although the gameplay sounds easy, CMS requires a pretty good knowledge of cars. Furthermore, this year`s edition will be even more difficult and by that MORE AWESOME. Game`s founder Dariusz Ruman discovered that the new 2015 version will include: auctions, the ability to collect cars, chances to buy old junk cars, paint jobs, new garage tools, components, etc. Enough said to start loving Car Mechanic Simulator 2015? INDEED.

So, hesitate no more. Check out the gameplay in the video below, and if you want to back this project, follow this link.