What would a petrolhead do on a sunny day and an empty parking lot? Well, in that case there are many things to choose from. And one of them is certainly drifting! So get your sound devices ready, buckle up and you are ready to go! There is a lot to be seen in this driving skills video. Thanks to these guys` honesty, you are going to see once again that drifting ain`t piece of cake. What we are trying to say is that they haven`t excluded the scenes where the cars come into contact with a kerb. In fact, those scenes are left for you to see that even pros are not perfect. And once more, unless you are not experienced enough you should not attempt stunts like these on your own.

Now, let`s get to the fun part. In this video you are going to see a lot of smoke both from the tires and the underhood as well! Pay attention to the drivers` synchronization. They are drifting so close to each other, and even the cars are touching at some points but everything goes smoothly due to their driving skills. Make sure you watch till the end, because the best is left for last – a 360 spin!

Hungry for more? Follow this link to witness the drift madness at Goodwood Festival of speed.