Single DODGE CUMMINS Turbo Smokes Out The Show!

Here is a DODGE CUMMINS Turbo video clip that will be a bulls-eye for all those among you who simply enjoy watching some of the well known, astonishingly mighty and powerful diesel pickup trucks, creating clouds of black smoke at the highest possible level. And, as an addition to that, if it also happens that you love the Dodge Cummins monsters, watching them roar like mad, then you are about to treat yourself with a two and half minute of wild experience.

What we have here is a real beast of a truck, a single Dodge Cummins turbo, taken into the garage of the Real Street, for a little dyno inspection at their new and shiny sound proof dyno booth. And as the powerful Cummins is doing dyno pulls, boosting about 900 HP at 55psi, and 1 100 HP when at a full boost, there is a total eclipse of the moon going on outside. And the passionate crowd in front of the entrance is going totally wild.

After the dyno action is over, the owner of this awesome Cummins monster, decides to finish the show in a style, performing a hardcore smoky burnouts!

Do I need to say more? Just check out the video and you will get your proper dose of adrenaline rush, watching this white Cummins monster in action! And if you want to see more rolling coal experiences, go to this link.