Are You Ready For This 2005 DODGE CUMMINS Burnout?

Here we go with another great video that will be a real treat and bulls-eye experience for all those amongst you who love and enjoy watching a real volcano of a machine, roaring loud and showing off its engine power by giving us a `textbook example` on the subject of how the dark clouds of smoke had been created! To put it in more simple words, today we have prepared a video clip featuring one proper Dodge Cummins burnout.

Namely, thisĀ 2005 Dodge Cummins, oneĀ truly impressive truck, is equipped with a silver bullet turbo, mated to 150 HP injectors, head studs and Fass fuel system, and many other features that are making this beast a real volcano. And we got to give it to the author of the video clip, for choosing such a creative scenery to display this powerful Dodge Cummins burnout that creates huge clouds of smoke. Somewhere on the country road, surrounded by green forest, which is a perfect ambiance for this type of action!

Just watch the video below and you will see what I`m talking about. Even if you do not like watching powerful trucks that much, you will not be able to dislike this Cummins monster. And if you want to find out something more about the diesel Cummins engines, click here.