If we are perfectly honest, we have to admit that we have seen many different Jeeps and regardless of how powerful and cool they are, they are mostly…well Jeeps! But, there is a real Jeep monster like the Rattle Trap, that looks like it is about to enter in and out in the very pits of hell, just for the experience! Today we are going to show you a video clip with the new Jeep Wrangler Rattle Trap, blasting in the snow, on deep freezing temperatures.

This monster vehicle is packing 5.9 Liter Twin Turbo 12 Valve Cummins motor, embodied on the powerful JK body frame, and rolling on a huge 44×19.5 Pit Bull Rocker tires. And as you will see it in the video below, this thing will make you forget about all snow vehicles that you have seen by now, it simply makes them look like children`s toys! So forget about those, here is the ultra-powerful and mega-mighty Jeep Wrangler Rattle Trap!

But I really think that it is pointless talking about it, just watch the video that we have prepared for you, and see how those bad boy is rocking and rolling in the snow. Afterwards you can share your thoughts about it with us in the comment section below. And if you want to see more action from the Wrangler Rattle Trap, in the very opposite, hot as hell desert conditions, click here, and feel the power of this Ultimate Jeep once again.