4X4 Go Kart Madness! Does This 1978 Jeep Have A Lawn Mower Engine?

People are really amazing! They do stuff that can impress us and talk about them for days! Such example is given right here in this footage. A man decided to make himself a 4×4 Go Kart! It is a great imitation of a 1978 brilliant blue Jeep that is now ready to hit the backyard!!! Go Karts were interesting so far even though they were most often able only to see those at the amusement parks. The ones over there are usually 4 stroke engine powered or have electric motors. But the ones that are meant for racing usually use 2 stroke or 4 stroke engines! There even some countries where you can register your go kart for public roads! How awesome is that?!

Anyway, this Go Kart from the video would be perfect for the streets! It has everything, it is an all-wheel drive 4×4 go kart PLUS it has the looks! The perfect brilliant blue goes perfectly on this 78 Jeep with a lifted body kit! Unfortunately, the States do not allow Go Karts to be street legal so this guy will have to be satisfied with his backyard!

At last, if you are facing limits by having your backyard as the only track for your go-kart, follow this link to see the 10 coolest Go-Kart tracks in the world. Who knows, maybe one day you will have the chance to visit some of them.