The World these days has incredible vehicle driving around! If you watch our videos regularly, you know that we have seen some incredible stuff! The thing is we can never run out of cool stuff thanks to all the Gearheads out there! So, saying that, let us present to you the CHAINLINK EXTREME 4X4!!! This thing can go places you cannot even imagine going on foot! It can perform such actions thanks to the amazing hydraulic system! It has about 7 feet DOWN OR UP motion regardless which tire!

The vehicle is very well equipped! It has the incredible coil spring on the swing arms that are hydraulically controlled as well as some shock suspenders! If you want to know what is hiding under the hood, the answer is as it follows: a 5.0 L V8 Ford!!! Pretty powerful, would you agree? Anyway, this cool vehicle deserves your attention! Check out the footage below, and prepare to be impressed! The powerful CHAINLINK EXTREME is on its position waiting! You will not regret it, as a matter of fact, you will be talking about this for days with your friend! Enjoy!

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