Best Bike Stunts Performed By Stunter 13! His Out Of Space Maneuvers Are Seriously Questioned!

Hello Gearheads and hello bike lovers. Today we have one special video for you that you will definitely leave you jaw-dropped and you will replay it several times, as you are about to witness something remarkable. So far, we have seen a huge range of bike stunt riders who have shown their amazing skills and talents on the road by doing extraordinary tricks and performances. However, after watching this guy, you will forget about them all. These will be one of the best bike stunts you`ve ever seen!

Ladies and gentlemen, say hello to Stunter 13 – the world`s best stunt rider who once again has something to show us. Several months ago, we had the opportunity to discover the invincible godlike skills of this guy and now we have one more chance to get assured of his unbelievable and incredible talent. In comparison with others, there is no doubt that Stunter 13 has a special chemistry with his bike and that is something that, believe me, cannot be easily described with words. It very well looks like his body is one with the bike while doing these best bike stunts!

However, every bike stuntman is no stranger to injuries. The same goes for Stunter 13. He had a pretty serious injury back in 2008 while participating in a bike stunt show in Lithuania. He attempted fast straight line combo wheelie at the speeds of 40-50 mph! While attempting to do this daring wheel combo he accidentally turned the key and ignition off with his legs. This caused his bike to flip over unto him and putting a big hole in his arm. Injuries are inevitable when it comes to bike stuntmen. But, they are crucial for every bike stuntman to have progress and get better at what they do.

The way how Stunter 13 moves and plays with his bike is amazing and he can do literally anything with it. If you don`t believe in that just play the video bellow and stay shocked at these best bike stunts!

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