Ford Shelby GT500 Drag Race and Brushes Off C6 Z06 & R35 GTR!

Hello there fellow Gearheads! Are you excited as we are to see the clash of these unbelievably powerful engines?! The Headline sure says a lot about the video content, and we assure you – it is not lying! What you are about to see, is something you can talk about for hours with your family and friends. Something that you will probably talk about for the next couple of weeks, perhaps even more! So, let`s start shell we? This Ford Shelby GT500 drag race is amazing!

What we have here is a drag race, but not only two cars are involved here, but three! We have a 700+whp Ford Shelby GT500 that`s about to take two MONSTERS! A C6 Z06 Corvette and a R35 GTR! Well the Shelby really needs all the luck in this world to beat one of the greatest American cars ever! Take a look at the footage and enjoy the perfect angles caught by the camera that made sure you have the perfect view and watch this race in a way it deserves to be watched! Without the attention of being bias, we wish all the luck to the 700+ whp Ford Shelby GT500 drag race!!! Enjoy!

Anyway, check out this fast beast here!