TWIN CHEVY Engines – 900HP V16 Hot Rod! 0-60 In Less Than 3 SEC!

What we want to show you here is a super powerful V16 (twin V8) engine. This fella is able to propel up to 900 horsepower and is qualified to run 9s in the quarter mile. This machine is not a joke since it goes 0-60 miles per hour in just three seconds! The V16 hot rod looks like it is far from done, but you can see that passion is being put in it, and we assume that the final product will be stunning.

The driver is being a little ferocious as he shows us the capacity of his ride. This rod is truly awesome and the video would be even better if there was more awareness and the driver did not almost inflicted fatal injuries to a cyclist (or at least hurt him really bad)! Too bad the power of this V16 hot rod was kind of overshadowed by this little incident. It even looks like the participants in this video are not even aware what they just did.

However, watch the video and decide whether you want to highlight the driver`s negligence, or whether you want to admire this great engine!

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