One Mysterious & One of a Kind Ford F650 Truck Prototype!

What we have here is one truly interesting video that we have prepared for all those big truck fans who are following Muscle Car Zone, something that we rarely have an opportunity to see, something that will hit the right spot for sure and become a topic of conversation between every ford truck fan who gets turn-on on a big and uniquely modified prototypes. Even thought it does not look like it from a very first glimpse at it, there is absolutely no doubt that what we have here in the form of Ford F650 truck is a little bit `disguised` and highly modified, muscled up and lifted Ford F-150 pickup truck.

The way the guy in the video is telling us, they have took this monster for a high altitude testing, but unfortunately for us, we will not have a chance to see it in action, but just an opportunity to inspect it and get the general idea of what we are dealing with here. To bad we do not have a list of the specs about this tank-a-like Ford F650 truck, so we will not get into any speculations about it, but will leave you alone to admire it by watching the video. Check it out and tell me what you think about it.

Finally, follow this link for some Ford persistence! 

Enjoy the video below!

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