Tug Of War With Power Wheels Toy Cars : Ford F-150 Raptor vs Dodge Ram! Let The Fun Begin!

We are used to seeing tug of war between real cars and trucks, but today we bring you something a little bit different! The stars in this video are not what you might expect! Today, we bring you an interesting tug of war with Power Wheels toy cars, between a Ford F-150 Raptor and a Dodge Ram! Kids can really be interesting and fun! Check out these two buddies, ready to take their positions and battle! What are they going to battle with, you might ask? Why, of course, with their POWER WHEELS toy cars! They both own some amazing rides such as the Ford F – 150 on one hand, and a Dodge Ram on the other hand! They are going to do a TOWING CONTEST where they will know which car is the strongest! Who will win? Will it be the amazing Ford F – 150 which strength and power we have witnessed many times or the HUGE Dodge Ram!?

Gabriel and Garrett really did a good job showing us what would happen in a tug of war between these two Power Wheels toy cars. The battle had 3 rounds on 3 different terrains. The first round was on the sidewalk, the second on the grass and the third and final round on dirt! We must admit that the results surprised us a little bit. The first round was easily won by the Dodge Ram! The victory came easy because of the advantage the Dodge Ram had. This Power Wheels car is a dually, unlike the Ford, and had a grip on all four rear tires. The front tires of the Dodge had a rubber grip as well. What happened in the next two rounds? You have to watch the video to get your answer!

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