Dodge RAM Diesel Cummins VS Land Rover Defender 90! NOT The Outcome You Expect! Believe Me!

We love sharing videos with all of you where a vehicle`s limits are shown! This one is quite fun to watch too! Furthermore, it comes with a surprise at the end! The battle between a Dodge RAM Diesel Cummins VS Land Rover Defender 90 is like something you have never seen!


Just announcing it seems fun! And The Outcome Is NOT What You Expect! Believe Us! Little Land Rover with 3.0 TDI engine vs Dodge RAM 5.9-liter DIESEL Cummins engine… it looks impossible… The BIG BOYS decided to have some fun! And not only are they having fun, they are really having a HUGE TOWING contest! These are both great machines, powerful engines on both sides and both vehicles! This should make them able to do a great job at towing!

However, this clash came out pretty interesting as they repeated the action so many times until we finally got an ABSOLUTE WINNER! This time, it was the smaller GIANT, the LANDROVER DEFENDER! We suppose many considered it the underdog, but the video below proves exactly the opposite! Have fun and enjoy the games!

We can only hope for more of these to be made. They are quite fun to watch! Just imagine if there were “fights“ like these between all the rival brands! To further enhance the fun, make contests like this one between the Dodge RAM Diesel Cummins and the Land Rover Defender 90, but with muscle cars!

We would pay to see something like this! Imagine a Ford Mustang going head to head with a Chevrolet Camaro! That would be awesome. We will now leave you so you can enjoy the video below! Feel free to like, share and comment in the comments section below!

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