Tuned 2011 Silverado Vs 1970 Ford F100! Lesson Learned: Beware Of “SLEEPERS”!

We need to take a little break from all the drifting! We prepared something else for you today – a STREET RACE! Street races are often more interesting when the cars in stake come from different backgrounds, when they`re different. A similar example is this one where cars from different centuries meet each other! You read that correctly, two cars with a 40 year gap in between have a street race! The result might surprise you though, as things do not go well for the `younger` Silverado! What we have here is a tuned 2011 Chevrolet Silverado competing versus a 1970 Ford F100! We all know the pros and cons of both vehicles, so you might think you know where this race is taking place! But as they say, never underestimate the opponent because you never know what he might be hiding in his sleeve, or underneath his hood in this case!

Which is exactly the catchy part, the F100 is supercharged so it`s not a joke to challenge it for a street race! That is definitely a great way to teach the driver of the 2011 Silverado to not take other people`s cars lightly! Furthermore, he will think twice from now on before challenging random drivers to a street race! One rule everyone must know is that looks can lie about cars! A car might look really nice, but we are all aware that what really counts is under the hood! You might say it is not fair, but on the other hand you must admit that this race would be impossible otherwise! Many people say that they would rather have the nice old Ford in a race than a brand new computerized POS! Dear friends, check out the video of the race bellow and build your own opinion!

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