Place Your Bets For This Amazing Dodge Viper vs GTR Race!

Street racing happens all the time, all over the world, even in video games (GTA 5 has 5 of them) and there is no doubt that we love them.  That is why today we will ask you to place your bets again as we have a new street race prepared from well known rivals. Dodge Viper vs GTR Nissan! Which one is better, which one is slower? Which one has better qualities, better engine or maybe a better driver?

Well, the answers are about to be revealed, as these two terror beasts smash a public motorway and are ready to show their best.  As we have all seen, twists are very common in this kind of situations and sometimes cheating comes by which we surely do not approve.

Despite that, we are happy to enjoy one more interesting video with super speedy cars and if you ever find yourself racing like this, always remember that “Objects in mirror are closer than they appear”. Have fun!