Nissan GTR R32 With Some Action on the Streets Of Sweden!

I have mentioned in another occasion that it is not very often that we have a chance to see some of the older GTR models in action, like it is the case with Nissan Skyline GTR R33 model. And if that is the case (which you have got to admit that it is), than what is there to say about the Nissan GTR R32 models, right?

Well, one could say that those rare pearls are becoming an endangered species, but every now and then, a video clip like this one appears and `gives us a hope`, that there is a reason to feel good about it, as there always is a gearhead somewhere in the world, who is working on his passion and keeps its `vintage GTR` in a good shape.

The following one that you are about to see today is coming from the north of Europe, where this Swedish guy decided to take out his GTR R32 for a spin and gives us all a chance to see it and hear its roaring. Too bad that he did not bother to give us some specs about what is under the hood of this great old vehicle, but hey, not everything in life can go nice and smooth.

So if you are down for watching a GTR R32 in action, I think that you are going to enjoy this next video. Check it out!

And finally, check out this Lunatic Nissan GTR R32!

Enjoy the video below!

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