$1 Million Street Race in Brazil! CB1000R Honda vs Lambo!

All of you who are following us, especially our video section, where we are showing you  race videos from all around the world, are probably very well familiar by now that every time there is a race video that is coming from Brazil, we are about to see something totally crazy. We have had many opportunities to watch street drifting, crazy stunts, great drag cars and many other positively insane stuff, from the streets of some of the best known Brazilian cities, or their famous beaches. Also, that is probably why the producers of “Fast Five” decided to shoot some of the key scenes of the movie on the streets of Rio. Today we have decided to give you one interesting clip named as $1 Million Race (even though I seriously doubt that is the case), in which the main protagonists are one Honda CB1000R, and another great orange Lamborghini Gallardo. Honda vs Lambo! Not bad, huh?

It goes without saying that the video is here just to entertain you, not to inspire you to do something similarly crazy and very dangerous yourself, and cause serious consequences to yourself and the others. Remember that a good driver also follows the traffic rules, and keeps his environment safe.

So, here we have one inspired Honda CB1000R rider, equipped with a camera, who starts cruising the city streets, and later on rides outside the city limit on an open highway. As he is joyriding, he stumbles upon one great Lamborghini Gallardo and starts `provoking` it to do something interesting.

So check it out and see how the whole Honda vs Lambo thing ended. If you ignore the `strange noises` which the rider makes, you will enjoy it more. And if you want to read a review about the 2014 Honda CB1000R, check out this link.