Would You Take A Ride In This 2000HP Wheelie King Blue Shelby GT500?

The high class has always time to make awesome car shows with beasts that have the potential to amaze everybody. Luckily today it`s time for another show with Wheelie King Shelby GT-500 that can be proud of its 2000HP. In this evolution performance you will have the chance to see this monster doing a wheelie. However the surprise comes after that, when this GT500 keeps its front wheels down so it can smash the road. Not only does this blue Shelby GT500 look stunningly beautiful, it is also ridiculously fast! The video was shot during the Finals of the Import vs Domestic-World Cup and includes several drag races, captured numbers on the passes and detailed look on the car. So far one of the best technical comments by the car adrenaline lovers is that because of too much torque, the driver loses seconds with that lifting.

However, the time is basically not an issue for this awesome modified Mustang that literally tries to fly. After having all 4 wheels firmly on the ground, this gorgeous blue Shelby GT500 unleashes its full potential! At the ¼ mile drag race, it managed to cross the finish line after 7.72 seconds with a speed of 178 miles per hour! It might not be the best time in the world, but it is still remarkable! No wonder the Wheelie King was the star of the night! It can do wheelies, it is really fast, and it can also do a sick burnout! This car is the total package! At the end be assured of the power of this vehicle by looking at some specs: 2000bhp/1700rwhp. L&M Race Enginges 5.8L 4v Modular. Precision 76mm Turbo @24PSI. TH400 Transmission. Fab Ford 9″. Lund Racing Custom Tuned. Factory Computer. Special Part That Satisfies Crazy Driving Needs.

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Enjoy the video below!

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