Messy & Deep Mudhole – Piece Of Cake For The ARGO 6X6 ATV!

We are all well familiar with the Canadian ATV brand – ARGO! With a tradition of more than 50 years, this Ontario Company deserves the title – KING OF THE ALL TERRAIN VEHICLES! Argo usually offers 6×6 and 8×8 types of ATVs, but today, we are going to stick with the 6×6 ATV for now! We have two videos, both very interesting in their own way, and both proving Argo`s quality! In the first video, you will see how an Argo 6×6 using Adair tracks goes without a problem through a very nasty and bad pudding mud! He goes back and forward through the mud and has no difficulties while doing it!

To watch the second video, go to page 2 or click here.