You know how we all know someone that has changed over the years? Not in a bad way, but in a good one! Do you have a friend that hits the gym every day and looks great now but used to be a skinny guy? Well, that is the thing with our friend Wes as well! It is just that, he stayed the same, but his Jeep apparently spent a lot of time at the gym! So, in only 3 years it made unbelievable success! This sick Jeep has upgraded progressively as it changed from a small block, high compression with manual four speed transmission, to a forged big block with a stalled automatic transmission! And that`s not all, as it has an upgraded DOM tubing due to the 4 links as well as the coilovers! Now that is what we call a TRANSFORMER! This former innocent Jeep is now the King of all Jeeps! It is also the King of every Mudding Event there is, as it snaps necks to every other contestant! If you are eager to see this “new guy in the block”, feel free to click on the video!

At last, if you want to build and prepare YOUR Jeep for mud, follow this link and get some very cool advices.