2000HP FARM JEEP Gets ANGRY At West Georgia MUD PARK!

West Georgia Mud Park is always open for truck drivers who want to test their driving skills and abilities on not so flat surfaces. Some fail deep in the mud and hesitate to go back to the drawing board, while some destroy the whole area of the park with the help of their powerful trucks. Well, the video that you are about to see, shows an example of the second group of adventurers. A driver conquers the difficult mud territory with his nasty 2000 HP farm Jeep that be driven literally one everything.

Although it gets all dirty and muddy, this farm Jeep does not pull the plug. In addition, the huge tractor tires help the driver make this awesome performance that will leave you speechless.

Now, experts will say that this is actually not a Jeep because of that model this truck has only the body cover. Whatever is called, one thing is sure – this beastly truck has an insane power.