It Is Time To Warm Up 2000HP Cummins Diesel! Now this is POWER!

Starting an engine is same like making love – you have to first warm the things up if you want it to run smoothly. I hope I should not explain the further steps, because the topic of today is another brutish energy and power that will surely draw your attention. In this case, numbers does matter and the one that will definitely leave you open-mouthed is the 2000HP Cummins Diesel motor that can produce enormous power without any effort.

However, fans say that this engine is small with only 6.7 litres, specification that sound really low comparing it with Volvo 16 litre from FH16 that according to the public is one of the best. Anyway, it is a fact that bigger engines make more power, but our opinion is that this machine is only based on the 6.7. By now it is probably 7 litres and with two great turbos it makes plenty of power and more importantly, it can still fit into a “truck” frame.

Whatever is your opinion, you will surely agree that real trucks have no spark plugs and now, real diesels do not have glow plugs! Have fun watching this heavy machine in action and feel free to leave your comments.

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